Zopiclone Withdrawal

  • Sep 30, 2022
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Zopiclone Withdrawal

Zopiclone is the generic name for the product Zimovane. It is prescribed to treat all different forms of insomnia. It is rarely reported, but zopiclone side effects and withdrawal symptoms can be experienced even without previous substance dependence or exceeding recommended doses. Unfortunately, studies show that some people do become dependent and many of the people struggling with addiction have never experienced it before. Those prescribed with zopiclone are typically advised not to exceed a four-week treatment period with a maximum dose of 1 x zopiclone 7.5 per day, before bed time.

This can normally prevent the effects of withdrawal from zopiclone as dependence is only usually reported when going over the four-week treatment period or taking more than is recommended by the patient information leaflet (PIL). If the treatment period is surpassed, it is advised that patients should taper off their dose, taking less each day, and slowly weaning themselves off so withdrawal symptoms are minimised. The tapering period varies between patients and depends on a number of factors including the dosage and period of usage.

Zopiclone Withdrawal Symptoms

The Zimovane withdrawal symptoms are similar to that of other sleeping pills. The most common withdrawal symptom reported by those who discontinued use was rebound insomnia. Rebound insomnia is when people are unable to sleep properly after zopiclone tablets have been discontinued. Similar experiences were reported by those who were taking zopiclone for anxiety, where they would feel more anxious after refraining from use. In all cases of rebound based symptoms, tapering or weening off from the medication was the most successful way to end use.

Rebound insomnia caused by zimovane withdrawal has knock-on effects which can affect an individuals life. Just like regular insomnia, patients described feelings of irritability, stress, depression, memory and concentration problems, day-time sleepiness, dry mouth, nausea and ataxia (poor muscle control). Patients reported strong cravings around 6-8 hours from their last taken dose. Cravings did, however, get weaker over time when taking a lower amount each day until finally stopping. It is a rarity, but some patients report experiencing tremors, panic attacks and heart palpitations during withdrawal.

How to Manage zopiclone withdrawal

Three weeks is the average period of time required to complete a tapering schedule. Needless to say, there are some variable factors to consider with each persons recovery, such as:

  • Dosage
  • Frequency of use
  • Length of use
  • Addiction history
  • Mental health problems
  • Underlying health conditions
  • Other drugs used

For milder users, symptoms will be less severe and easier to get through without any issues. However, heavily addicted users will find it more challenging, facing higher intensities and durations of symptoms.

STEP 1: Acute withdrawal (1-2 weeks)

24 hours after a patients last dose, withdrawal symptoms may occur, such as; increased anxiety, memory loss, mood swings, sweating, and confusion. Symptoms during this stage are considered to be much more intense but can vary based on usage, amount, frequency, treatment length and taper schedule.

STEP 2: Post-acute withdrawal (PAWS) (beyond 2 weeks)

Most symptoms should have either decreased or stopped by this time. Lasting symptoms should be more emotional and psychological, such as; cravings, trouble sleeping, anxiety, depression.

Treat Zopiclone Addiction

If you google search 'withdrawal symptoms zopiclone' there is a lot information on treatment. Most results suggest if serious withdrawal symptoms continue with a patient after weening themselves off, it may be necessary to contact an addiction therapist for advice. When people understand that they can buy zopiclone online prescription free they are less likely to suffer from anxiety and cravings that addiction can cause. By having the option of buying zopiclone from a genuine online pharmacy many users can sleep easy knowing their medication is only a phone call away. 

In circumstances where sleep aid medication is required long term or the condition is chronic, users may want to consider changing their medication after 28 days. This lessens the possibility of addiction while maintaining treatment. It therefore might be worthwhile researching different medications and alternating between them. By comparing zopiclone vs zolpidem or zimovane vs benzodiazepine users can gauge the suitability of the alternative medications and tailor a treatment plan to suit their needs.

Coming off Zopiclone Naturally

Following withdrawal treatments, it can be more beneficial to turn to natural remedies to combat insomnia, such as; regular exercise, establishing a regular sleep pattern, light therapy, meditation, melatonin, yoga, hypnosis, acupuncture, aromatherapy, reduction in sugar or a change to your diet and eating times.

Diet changes can be the most effective. Limiting your intake of refined, white sugar can have positive effects on energy levels, making them more consistent. Sugar boosts or spikes energy temporarily, however, this is a short-lived effect. A decrease in blood sugar levels in the evening has even been attributed to sleep disruption.

Artificial light can cause disturbances with sleep cycles as it confuses the bodys perception of time as humans are diurnal and require sleep in the evening. The cycle of the sun dictates when we naturally feel tired and awake. Experts suggest avoiding TV, media and bright lights after sundown. They even go as far to say that a casual evening stroll can prepare the mind and body for a good nights rest.

How to Take Zopiclone Safely

To take this product safely it is important that the guidelines for treatment are followed closely. The typical routine to follow would be a maximum 4-week treatment period with one dose of Zimovane 7.5mg one hour before bed. Some physicians even recommend only taking it 2-3 times per week, where possible. Even when tapering off during recovery, these maximums must be considered.

If the guidelines in the patient information leaflet are followed, there is a very slim risk of experiencing withdrawal symptoms and a very high success rate for people curing their insomnia. If you would like to buy zopiclone 7.5 mg from a safe and reliable online pharmacist, please visit our website at www.zopiclone.to and browse through our product page. For any more information on ordering please contact our helpful customer services team.

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