Zopiclone Vs Xanax

  • Sep 30, 2022
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Zopiclone Vs Xanax

Xanax is more regularly known by its generic name, Alprazolam. This medication belongs to the benzodiazepine family, used predominantly to treat anxiety disorders. Although this medication is mostly for anxiety, it can be used to treat other things, such as; muscle spasms, seizures and sleep problems. Zopiclone is the generic name given for the medication Zimovane, it is known as a Z-drug or sedative hypnotic. It is mostly prescribed to treat insomnia or problems with sleep, however, it is also effective for anxiety disorders.

Although the effects of these medications are very similar and both have their uses as sleeping pills they do belong to different families of medicines. It would be strongly advised against to take both of these at the same time as it can result in serious side effects. Users should always take these medications as part of a treatment plan.

What is the Difference Between Xanax and Zopiclone?

Many people ask the question 'are these medications the same?', as users experience the same effects when using these medications. They do, however belong to two different families of medicine, Benzodiazepines and Z-drugs. According to one study they both create the same hypnotic effects by increasing the transmission of the neurotransmitter GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) in the central nervous system. Although one of them is almost prescribed exclusively for anxiety, some users have a personal preference for using zopiclone for anxiety, due to its similar effects.

The differences can sometimes come down to the user itself, but there are some key differences to acknowledge here. This medication has a rapid onset action, meaning it starts to work in a very short time, 30 minutes on average. Where zopiclone tablets are typical sleeping aids, the other has more therapeutic uses to control anxiety and seizures, even toning down the severity of epilepsy.

The Side Effects: Zopiclone vs Xanax

When comparing the side effects of these two medications there is not much to separate them.  Both medications come with the risk of an allergic reaction and both share similar symptoms. Skin issues including blistered, swollen, red, itchy or peeling skin. Tightening of the throat or chest as well as difficulty breathing are also symptoms of an allergic reaction. On very rare occasions, users experience swelling in the throat, tongue, lips, mouth or face. It is important that initial dosages are small to help identify allergies if the user is not already aware.

The Xanax and zopiclone side effects users report are actually very similar and differ in intensity based on dose sizes, period or frequency of use. Z drugs have more unique side effects including a bitter or metallic taste in the mouth which has not been reported with benzodiazepines. Common side effects include; drowsiness, insomnia, fatigue, headaches, nausea, concentration and memory problems, irritability and coordination problems. 

Xanax vs Zopiclone: Reviews

Medications like these have helped a lot of people overcome their sleep problems and anxiety when used carefully and responsibly. They both should be used minimally as part of a treatment plan for as short a time as possible. When combined with changes to diet, exercise and a regular sleep pattern, they have been proven to be highly successful. There is a lot of information directly written online by previous users which can emphasise their efficacy.

Reading many of the available reviews can play a key role in being sure a certain medication is suitable to treat any troubles you may be experiencing. Reviews are, in some ways, a larger source of information then the patient information leaflet. They also can play a part in helping the website administrators improve their services, even down to the blogs that they write.

Which is Safer: Zopiclone or Xanax

Xanax and zopiclone 7.5, when used in the correct dosages for the instructed periods of time, have proven to be safe and very effective. They have both been thoroughly tested, studied and have approval for the worldwide market. As both of these medications come with the risk of misuse and dependence they should only be used as directed by a medical professional and should not be used with other medications without prior consultation.

People over the age of 65 should use extra precaution when taking these types of medications as they could be more at risk of experiencing memory problems, cognitive impairment, loss of balance and a risk of falling. Due to the side effects, which can also result in hard to developing foetus, pregnant women should be discouraged from taking both of these medicines.

Changing from Zopiclone to Xanax

Many people choose to move away from zopiclone in order to avoid zopiclone withdrawal. Both of these medicines have similar withdrawal symptoms which can be avoided by changing to another medication. A common three that many users change between would be Xanax vs zopiclone vs zolpidem. As buying zopiclone online has become more popular, users tend to change to another medication after 4 weeks.

It is not advisable to use both of these medicines at the same time. For this reason, doctors would never prescribe them continually and may alternate between to avoid dependence. This is why it is advisable if you choose to buy zopiclone online, you should discontinue use of any other similar medications. If withdrawal symptoms begin, users should taper off their daily amounts before beginning a new medicine.

The Benefits of Xanax or Zopiclone

Both of these medications are regarded as safe and effective at tackling the underlying causes of anxiety and insomnia when taken correctly as part of a treatment plan. It is recommended to have a set bedtime routine, practice breathing exercises, avoid caffeine, sugary foods and drinks before bed and exercise more. By incorporating these simple healthy lifestyle changes into a daily routine, users can restore their quality of life without the need of medication.

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